My very own baby Leila | Newborn

Logo 10The Doctor told us to go to the hospital on Friday evening to have things checked out…  I had this feeling that Leila was going to be born that night.  We dropped my eldest, Jayda off at grandma’s house.  Bags packed and ready to go.

The fifteen minute drive to the hospital was beautiful.  I remember the stars shining so bright, the moon was lit like a firecracker and the road was quiet.  I felt calm and as I was holding my husband’s hand I couldn’t help but smile.

We were going to hold our baby in our arms very soon.

And we did <3

Pretty little thing!  She was in NNICU for five days, but we had her home soon enough and the cuddles began.

I photographed her at home in her second week of life.  I will treasure these memories forever <3



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