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DN4 - 01

The Nash family is one of my favourite families to photograph. They are always nice, but what I love most is that they are so real.

Petrus started the twin’s My First Year series, and I had the privilege of continuing & finishing it.  Now it’s baby brother Daniel’s turn.

DN4 - 05

DN4 - 09

Daniel is one year old now and I wanted to photograph him in his own environment. I absolutely LOVE lifestyle sessions because the kids (especially toddlers) are much more themselves and at ease when everything is a little more familiar.

Antoinette and Graeme are amazing parents.  The love in this house almost makes you feel a little nostalgic in a way.  I loved being here and capturing a few memories for them.

I took a few photos in the kitchen, had some {amazing} coffee (I LOVE coffee), and enjoyed a chat with these cool people…

DN4 - 15


We headed to the garage where Graeme spends a lot of time making amazing things!  Obviously the boys are super comfortable and loves spending time there with their dad.  Precious memories, these!

The last stop was the sand pit which every one year old loves…

Thank you Antoinette, Graeme, Simon, Carl and Daniel for having me and making me feel so welcome and comfortable.

xo Zelda

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