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It was time for another one of Aidan’s My First Year sessions.  This little guy’s eyes, though!!!

I started the session in his room where he was comfy and showed me a few of his toys. I freaked out a little when I saw his miniature dinosaurs from the movie “The Good Dinosaur“.  I love that movie! He loves looking through his books, too cute to see his different expressions.

There was this amazing light shining in from the window in his room, I could’ve done the whole shoot there! I loooove me some pretty light!

AV 4 - 10 AV 4 - 11 AV 4 - 12

He has this cool builder play set which makes him the cutest little carpenter I’ve ever seen!

AV 4 - 18

We played a little outside and then finished off with his little train set. Quite a serious little guy, but when he smiles… oh my! I could eat him up!

AV 4 - 22

xo Zelda

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