Khaya Kevin Khunou | Location

Here at Gold Leaf Studios we LOVE road trips and this time around it was so fun because we got together with some beautiful clients at a great location in Pretoria.

This was session 3 of the little man’s series and each time I see him he’s just cuter than the last.¬†Being there and being able to capture some memories¬†for my fabulous client’s is just something else. I love my job!

And can you believe it? We even got some smiles from the main man Khaya and the shoot just got better from there.

KK 10

KK 05

KK 09

KK 21

This is a family filled with so much love and when I look at them I see the true definition of “Family is where life begins and love never ends”

We had a blast with the Khunou Family and can’t wait to see them again!

KK 25

xo Zelda

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