Annemie & Thinus | Location

If you ever feel like you need to be inspired… Call this woman up! Annemie is truly one in a million.

We went to school together, and she became one of my very first paying clients when I just started my photography journey – even before I started working for Petrus Saayman.

I had the privilege of photographing her and her son, Thinus a couple of years ago again when I started shooting for Petrus.  And guess what?  They were my very first invoiced clients at Gold Leaf Studios!  I’ve seen them both grow and I am humbled that Annemie chooses me to freeze some moments in time for them.

She is a single mom, who does everything with and for her son Thinus.  I am just in awe of her.  She was also a surrogate for her sister who couldn’t have children. Such a selfless act.  She also finds time to exercise, when I scroll past one of her posts she’s either busy with bootcamp, running or playing something with Thinus.

Annemie, always stay such a ray of light!  You are AMAZING!



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