Swanepoel C-Section | Birth

The big day arrived for me to capture the moment of Baby Barend’s birth!  I was so excited I couldn’t sleep…  My first ever birth!!!  I got to the Netcare Sunninghill hospital at 6am and waited anxiously with the Swanepoel family for their moment. It felt like I was in another world.  Everything went so well and it felt familiar being in scrubs again.  When I worked at the dentist we went to theater on Mondays to do kid’s teeth and I loved it.  Baby Barend’s chord was wrapped around his neck FIVE times, the Doctor couldn’t believe it.  Everyone in theater counted to five as he ‘unwrapped’ him.

An amazing morning, with an even more amazing Mama – Jana.  Congratulations you guys!  Your baby boy is perfect xxx

xo Zelda

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