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Well hello there!

I’ve wanted to do a little personal post for a while now.  If you’re new here – welcome!  My name is Zelda and you can read more about me here.

AT LAST! It feels like the year has kicked off!  I hate that stage between Christmas and New Year’s when everything is in limbo.  My studio opened up again last week and we started off with a BANG!  Loads of sessions, a function, and booked a few events!  That’s crazy – especially for January which is normally pretty quiet a.k.a. stressful!

My new year’s resolutions?  I feel like that’s a trick question… For the last couple of years I haven’t really made any resolutions – it’s difficult when you’re so happy and content with life and just want everything to stay awesome.  But as these first few weeks of January FLEW by, talking about it with friends and family was inevitable and some resolutions surfaced:

Do another warrior race – Yes!  I did my first warrior race last year and it was absolutely awesome!
Do another muddy princess race – see excitement above.
I’ve also got a few exciting things lined up and happening as we speak.  I’m going to Cape Town for a netball tournament (Cape Town Tens)  in two weeks – which is pretty huge and I don’t think that has sunk in yet…
I started Crossfit this week…  I did my intro week and although I almost died last night (I literally wanted to cry when the workout was over & someone actually threw up outside), I think I love it…
I also do Pilates with Eunice once a week – this will be my fourth year and can’t imagine life without Pilates (seriously)
I’m also continuing with the action netball for some serious cardio and team spirit.

So it seems like keeping active is a priority.  It helps having supportive friends and family, especially when you’re staring a chocolate muffin in the eye…

Also, if I didn’t have a full week of exercise this week – I would’ve been a crying mess.  My eldest daughter started Gr.RR in a new school and I’m just super emotional.

So, here’s to a prosperous 2018, full of fitness, no alcohol (except for champagne on my birthday, of course) and embracing wrinkly skin 🙂

What are your new year’s resolutions?  Let me know by leaving a comment and you could stand a chance to win a FREE PHOTOSHOOT this year!
*T’s & C’s apply

xo Zelda

6 thoughts on “New Year | New Feels | New Chances

  1. New year’s resolutions – I get one almost monthly. I Love them – it gets me excited for change, a challenge. Starting mine off this year is:

    1. Get into top tip shape through healthy eating and exercise.
    2. Be open to anything, whether it’s a sushi night with friends or a ridiculously high jump at the Warrior race.
    3. Live.

    Excited to see what Gold leaf Studio does in 2018, Zelda. Sprinkle that gold everywhere!


  2. My new years resolution for 2018 is to be more confident in myself, love myself the way I am and to challenge myself to get out the comfort box, blog more to capture and remember moments And get out more with friends.

    May 2018 be amazing for your stunning photography business.

  3. A Zellie ek love you post …. jy balanseer mamma wees vrou wees AWESOMESTE Fotograaf wees met aktief bly en jouself nie vergeet in die warboel van aktiwiteite nie jy is so n inspirasie.

    Die jaar is my voorneme om gelukkig te wees . Om in elke dag iets te sien wat ek gelukkig oor kan wees partykeer onthou mens net die sleg dit is tyd om die mooi raak te sien en bietjie van die lelik te vergeet.

    En om meer geduldig te wees ?

    1. Aah dankie Annems! Ek voel nou weer dieselfde oor jou! Jy doen ook al hierdie awesome dinge en inspireer my daagliks! Keep doing what you’re doing! Dalk moet jy ‘n 100 Happy Days challenge doen? Dit dwing mens om weer die kleinste mooi dinge raak te sien xxx

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