Niahné | Sleeping Baby

I’m having Francisca do a few sleeping baby sessions to start filling up her portfolio.  This is little Niahné… isn’t she just gorgeous!  I’m so proud of Francisca, I can’t even begin to explain!
I see her excitement & it reminds me of myself when I started doing these kind of sessions.  I’m feeling everything all over again & it’s amazing!  She brings a fresh eye & new ideas to the sessions and I love it!
It truly is an absolute blessing to be able to do what we do!  We’re blessed, my business is growing and we’re sO thankful!

Thank you so much mommy Rika for trusting us with your little babe, she was a superstar with this session!  Enjoy your photos xxx

xo Zelda

2 thoughts on “Niahné | Sleeping Baby

  1. Thanks to Gold Leaf Studios for the AMAZING photos. Fransisca you were great with Niahné, would gladly trust her with you again, you had her well being as your first priority the whole session!!!
    Zelda thanks for everything, you really are one of the best!

    1. Thanks so much Rika! It was such a privilege having you guys here! Congrats again on your sweet little babe! xxx Francisca

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