I am moving to Saudi

Dear friends and clients, here is an updated little note:

We are going to Saudi sooner than expected and I will only be shooting until the end of January 2019.  I will accommodate as many people as I can, but need to leave enough time to finish up sessions, orders and albums.  I will be here until April but will have a lot of personal admin to take care of as well.

The good news:  Francisca is going to buy all my studio equipment and will continue making magic here, but under her own name.  I am very excited for her, and we’ll share more about that soon.


A great opportunity has come our way and we’ll be starting a new adventure as a family in Saudi Arabia next year.

Our Personal Lives:
We want a better future for our children.  It’s one of the hardest decisions we’ve ever had to make, but if WE don’t do it now, they’ll be faced with this difficult decision after school.
We are going to miss our family and friends tremendously.  Thank you for the support we’ve received so far!
We’ve gone through a few emotions already and are getting excited now.  We didn’t want to let everyone know right away, because there are many uncertainties & there is still a chance that it might not happen.
We got the contract and accepted.  Now they’re busy with background & medical checks.
If everything goes according to plan, my husband will be leaving somewhere in January & us girls around April / May.

Business Wise:
I’m sad to say that this will be my last summer season as owner and photographer of Gold Leaf Studios.  It’s been a little over two years and as I look back I couldn’t be prouder.  I’ve put in endless hours and met some amazing people.  I’ve traveled a lot and made some great memories.
I’m selling my studio equipment and my focus will be our new life.  The kids will be my number 1 priority & I’ll be photographing our new chapter as I go.
I want to make it a summer to remember, so if we can arrange a coffee date, let me know when you have time please <3  It’s an open invitation!  Even just come say hi at the studio / house.

To all my clients, at this moment I’m aiming to shoot only until the end of January 2019 so if you’re thinking about booking please do so in advance. I can also only do so much before I go.
My current clients that are busy with a series, I’ll contact you directly to discuss the options going forth.

xo Zelda

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