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Well hello there! I’m Zelda and I’m a family and child photographer based in Secunda, South Africa.

To me childhood is magic and I aim to portray that in my imagery by creating beautiful portraits that harness life and light.

I have a home based studio where most of the magic happens, but I love shooting outside for a more fun, relaxed and real atmosphere.

Do you want a glimpse of who I really am?

I adore:

My husband, two beautiful girls, coffee, photographs, running, netball, colors, sunshine and pretty light, Instagram, chocolate, music, good company, eating (a lot), oh and did I mention coffee?

If you’d like to chat about a session or anything else for that matter, drop me a note. I’d love hearing from you.

xo Zelda


CLICK HERE for an exclusive behind the scenes video of what happens in my studio 😉