10 Years | Celebration

Finally! I can blog (and brag) about this stunning session I had with the Schutte’s! This was a special one… their TEN YEAR anniversary!

Petrus was scheduled to photograph their special session, Daleen was feeling nostalgic and sentimental because Petrus also photographed their wedding ten years ago and this would’ve been the cherry on top.  Unfortunately he had pressing work in the DRC and we either had to reschedule or I’d do the session.  (No pressure…)

SF b - 02

With hair and make up (and I think the cupcakes) already in line for the scheduled date, I jumped at the opportunity and Daleen said yes 🙂

SF b - 06This is one amazing couple, let me tell you!  Firstly, TEN years…  Woah!  And you can clearly see why.  Respect, friendship, laughter and loads of love for one another.

This translates to the kids who has the best manners and are just a joy to work with.

Usually brothers and sisters are just teasing each other throughout sessions, but not these two cutesies!  They were just wonderful – like, the whole time!









SF b - 07

SF b - 15

Daleen told me that they have a little surprise for the kids at the end of the session. They sat down, first with Delaney, then with Logan. Each with their special gift, and a prayer. Such powerful prayers that tears welled up in my eyes.  It was extremely humbling and special to be a part of.

Congratulations you guys, like Lolla said #lifegoals!

xo Zelda

SF b - 23

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