What Dreams are made of | A Personal Story

When I was a young girl my dream wasn’t to become a photographer.  I wanted to be a teacher, a hairdresser, a surgeon, an artist, a whole bunch of things to be honest… It was only much later that I started to take a liking in photography.

I didn’t have the opportunity to go and study.  I had four jobs before I landed at Petrus Saayman’s studio as his assistant.  In retrospect, all who taught me a substantial amount of “life”.  Absolutely molding me into the woman I am today and gearing me up for where I am now. I’m so grateful for that!

We moved from Evander to the studio house in Secunda over the weekend.  It’s been crazy busy at work and I was dreading it.  I was unsure about the house-work dynamic (especially with little kids), a whole bunch of stuff is changing, so many questions! The uncertainty was killing me…

I loved my house in Evander…  It was spacious, with the most beautiful light during the morning, day and late afternoons.  We built memories there over the last few years that I’ll treasure forever.  I’ve worked at the studio house for five years now.  It’s cold in the winter, and gets lonely when no one’s around.  The floors make funny cracking sounds when you walk around and there’s no pretty light coming through the windows…

B10 - 02


So yesterday between us still unpacking and finding a place for everything, Jayda was flying her kite outside as the wind picked up.  As I went to see what her excitement was all about, I saw the sun shining through the trees and I ran for my camera.  There it was.

My pretty light…

B10 - 03

And my new memories <3

B10 - 04


Feeling a little better but still uncertain I went to bed. Then, this morning when I went to get Leila I saw this…

B10 - 08

B10 - 09

Even more pretty light!  Inside this time! Yes, I ran for my camera once again…

I can’t wait to make more memories in this house.  With my family, and for other families in the studio…




Tonight as I sit here writing this post I hear the cracking sounds of the floor – but it’s because Jayda is running around teasing her dad and laughing so hard she snorts every time.

It’s cold, but we cuddled on the couch together keeping each other warm and spending some time together.

This is truly a dream come true. I’ve got my dream job and my family to share it with.  The greatest support  system I could ever ask for…

Blessed beyond words.  Thank you God.


xo Zelda


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