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So we scheduled little Simeon’s last session in his My First Year series in the studio… We were 10 minutes in and this little guy decided to melt down.  Like – totally.  So I suggested we reschedule when he felt a little better & proposed a session at their house where he might be a bit more comfortable.
That’s the beauty of being a photographer AND a mom.  I understand children & when they’re not having a good day, they’re not having a good day.  No biggie.

So we started off bright and early a few days later at their home and right off the bat I could see this was going to be a great session.


We spent some time playing in his room and then he walked to the kitchen, opened the fridge door, got himself a yogurt, walked to the drawer, got himself a spoon – and yes…  had a blast eating it 😉



After he got a clean set of clothes we headed outside for the remainder of the session.  It made such a huge difference being at his own house and just feeling comfortable with everything.  I loved this session, I’m quite sad that this was the Schoombee family’s last session – both the boys did My First Year’s with us.  Looking forward to creating a beautiful coffee table album for them with all these special memories.



xo Zelda


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