Haiko & Chantelle | Wedding

I had the pleasure of photographing Haiko & Chantelle’s special day.  They had a beautiful, intimate garden wedding with their closest friends and family.  This made it so special, you could feel the love floating around!
It was a gloomy morning with a lot of rain the night before.  I was quite worried (not to mention the poor bride), but it turned out to be the most beautiful day!



Chantelle’s dress fit like a glove and she looked absolutely breathtaking. Heiko looked just as handsome.

Their family and friends were so inviting, everybody was relaxed and I could see they were enjoying the day.  It made me smile…  I love intimate weddings, I get to meet everyone and connect a little.
Thank you for making me feel special too, even on your big day!



xo Zelda

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