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goldleaf52-01I think it is safe to say I suck at photo-a-day-challenges.

So Zelda thought it would be a good idea for me to do a 52 Week Challenge in stead. A photo every week for the whole year. Seems easy enough…

For those of you who don’t know me yet, I am Francisca (Zelda’s Assistant) and I am super eager to learn new skills and gain experience in my photography journey. And who better to join me on this amazing adventure for 2017 than you guys?!

So – let’s do it!!!

The weekly prompts will challenge us and make you think a little.  It will encourage you to be creative and to really think about your photos.

The goal of the #goldleaf52 is to get you practicing, taking photos regularly and it is a way for you to have a look at your own progress.

Just use the hashtag #goldleaf52 and be a part of what I think is going to be an amazing movement for 2017..

Keep an eye out for the weekly prompts on InstagramFacebook

Gold Leaf Studios Instagram Account: @goldleaf_studios

My personal Instagram Account: @franciscanaude

You will need to stay on your toes as we will only be uploading the prompts as we go along 🙂

What’s stopping you, except you?

The goldleaf52 weekly prompt list:

Week 1 – Fresh

Week 2 – New

Week 3 – Start

Week 4 – Candid


Week 5 – Together

Week 6 – Heart

Week 7 – Red

Week 8 – The letter “L”


Week 9 – Your View

Week 10 – In Your hands

Week 11 – Happiness

Week 12 – Something Green

<3 Francisca

MAY 2017…

So I’m bumping Francisca from the Goldleaf52 project and taking over 😉  Hahaha!  I’m pretty excited, here are the following prompts for April & May…

#goldleaf52 - May collage

Week 13 – Black & White

(Follow my Facebook page for videos on some of the prompts)

Week 14 – Self Portraiture

Week 15 – Shadows

Week 16 – Balance

Week 17 – *Free choice

Week 18 – Connection

Week 19 – Motherhood

Week 20 – Reflection

Week 21 – Negative Space

Week 22 – Texture

xo Zelda


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