The arrival of Baby Van Staden | Birth

Roland and Eunice started a Bump to Birth series with us, and so far it has been nothing but amazing… Such a sweet couple, waiting for their first baby girl – Lidia.  Eunice was just past 40 weeks and we were all waiting for baby Lidia to make her appearance.  On Friday afternoon Eunice phoned me and said they are going through to Genesis Clinic – she thinks it’s time.  I drove through to Jhb at 19:30 to capture the birth of baby Lidia.  I was still looking for a vending machine for some coffee when Roland called me and said he thinks I should come now.

It wasn’t long after that where I witnessed this amazing natural water birth of baby Lidia. Eunice was a ROCKSTAR and did sO well! I was on a high for the rest of the weekend!  Our God is an awesome God! I feel so privileged to have been a part of this.  Thank you!

xo Zelda

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