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Hello Everybody!

Welcome to my website!  I’ve been working for Petrus Saayman at PS Photography for five years. For the last two to three years Petrus’s photography focus has been on the corporate world; he’s doing more technical, engineering and industrial photography. He loves it and is moving stronger into this direction.
While he’s been gallivanting on mines, working in the DRC, running next to big vessels that’s being transported or looking spiffy at an event, I’ve been doing what I love most….
Photographing children and families here at our Secunda studio.

With this beautiful dynamic partnership, the time for the two photographic elements to run on their own has come… I’m proud to announce that from this amazing partnership my company, Gold Leaf Studios is born.
I’ve been working under my own name from October 2016. Same studio, same location here in Secunda, same love and care and commitment to my work as before. Just a new name.

Petrus and I will still be connected with our work and will still be working together on certain projects.
I’m extremely thankful for the opportunity and super excited about the future!

CLICK HERE for an exclusive behind the scenes video of how we work in the studio

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082 5778 409

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xo Zelda

PS: Want to know a little more about me:  Go to my ABOUT page

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  1. Wow! Congratulations on your new studio, this is awesome. I loved your work from our last photo session, Very professional. Excellent work you do, well deserved.

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