Nico & Rentia | Wedding

The big day was getting closer and I just got more and more excited for Nico and Rentia’s wedding!  I had such a blast with their E-Session I just knew that their wedding was going to be epic.

As we got to Val Hotel I got even more excited, because it’s absolutely gorgeous there! The atmosphere was relaxed, Nico looked a little nervous – which is to be expected 😉
There was this suuuuper special moment I got to witness, when Rentia got her flower bouquet and there was a little note in that Nico wrote her.  I hate it when I also start crying at weddings – I need dry eyes to see through the camera!

Have a look at this lovely wedding, I’m so happy I got to be a part of this.  Nico and Rentia, I wish you guys many, many happy years together as a couple!

xo Zelda




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